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Friday, May 05, 2006


You saw her

or none did it maybe

walking on dudas west

you were so distracted

with the firemen trucks

and the fire itself.

you couldn’t see her

but I did.

Still do.

und weiss aber nicht

ob wir uns nochmals

sehen werden

sehen werden.

She showed me her pictures in underwear.

I said I'd prefer

to sleep on the other room

and she smiled.

She showed me the recording of the storm

that destroyed

her family and her house.

So I showed her mine

and we both laughed.

Walking on St Abraham

a dozen of frenchies


by frozen frozen death

but they still built

this city of fantasy

where I met her.

und weiss aber nicht

ob wir uns nochmals

sehen werden

sehen werden

I killed there

All the fears

And all the doubts

And I built a beautiful monument

of privacy

and integrity.

(only god knows
is a terrible sin

not to take the chance)

and then she pointed

those Japanese characters

Everything was so ambiguous

And charming.

Walking on Vieux-Port

watching the seagulls

Attacking the homeless

taking the peace from them.

si la vie etait jolie

manger, dormir


et parler francais.

Und glaub jetzt gehts

Uns beiden besser…

I meet her in the store

And I take her.

(Photograph by Cynthia Münster)


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C'est magnifique, mon chere. Simplement magnifique.

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