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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yes, I visit the Library On Sunday

(Or, Be afraid of me, Part XXVI)

It has become an habit in the last couple of months: I take my bike and go to UNAM Library. It is open on Sundays, 8:30 to 21:30 hrs. Perfect. I carry my very well pointed pencils, climb up to the second floor, turn to my left, take the ancient volumes and take some notes.

Of course, I don’t make all the way to University in bike. Try to make it in a 5 millions cars city. I use the subway too. Don't take unnecessary risk.

I suppose it talks a little about my interests . But the best thing is that I spend Saturday nights sharpening the pencils, at the light of the candles, listening Godspeed You Black Emperor (or Wagner, it depends of my mood). Good.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Back to Sexual Behavior: Theory, Practice and Research!

Back to the academic field, always in research. I am more than happy.

With a lot of projects waiting to be analysed, there is a specific one that I find very interesting. It is about tracking risk sexual practices via cell phones among young mexican population. I wanna see that.

At the beginning, a qualitative research was implemented in order to obtain an idea about this risk practices. A waste of time, nothing that you can't find on literature about the subjetc. Anyway, I must edit the report.

The summary looks like this:

"The research explored the condom usage and sexual risk practices among young Mexicans adults. Thirteen males and 6 females, aged 18-28, college degree, participated in two focus groups in Mexico City. Results indicate most of participants began sexual activities without taking precautions, in non planned situations, around 15-16 years old.

Condom use is more associated with casual sexual partners, in non planned situations, than with a stable sexual partner (boyfriend or girlfriend). The main drive for condom usage with casual partners is to avoid sexual diseases; this fact is not perceived as necessary with a stable and more reliable partner, where avoid pregnancy is more important. All participants agreed that sexual education and condoms availability does not increase rates of sexual activity. The main barriers perceived to condom use are the diminution of sexual pleasure, interruption of sexual intercourse and high price. Younger participants (aged minus 25 years old) and those who comes from outside Mexico City also perceive a difficulty to buy condoms; and women mention a lack of negotiation abilities with the partner.

All participants showed interest in take part of the project tracking their sexual habits involving cell phones."

Hasta la otra.